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Sampling over time

How can you take an air sample during a period or during a specific process? This is requested, for example, for exposure measurements.

With a flow regulator on a canister you can take an air sample over a period of time.

Sampling over a period in time

With standard sampling techniques, there are limitations regarding the duration of taking an air sample. But what if you want to take a representative sample of a widely varying or specific process? By connecting a flow controller to a canister, a sample can be taken during a preset period. The period can be set from 15 minutes up to one month depending on what needs to be measured.

Personal exposure can be monitored with adsorption cartridges.

Exposure measurements

To ensure the safety and health of employees, it is important to monitor occupational exposure to chemical agents. All kinds of processes can release volatile organic compounds (VOC), some of which are more harmful than others. The personal monitoring is realised through passive sampling. An employee carries two small adsorption cartridges with him. During the working day (8 hours), the VOC in the employee's environment collects on the adsorption cartridge. The compounds present can be measured via a VOC Screening. The results can then be tested against the applicable limit values.

In addition, a room or environment can also be monitored via a canister with a flow regulator. The exposure to VOC can be determined when employees are working in this environment for 8 hours.

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